Engineering Surveys

At Owen Haskell Inc. our engineering surveys gather data for use by planners and engineers. The products resulting from engineering surveys are generally topographic maps and/or a digital terrain model (DTM).

Both conventional (on the ground) and photogrammetric methods are used to gather data for engineering surveys.

Construction Layout
Route Alignment
Control and Quantity
Topographic and Utility
G.I.S. Data Collection

Planning/Design and Surveys

Owen Haskell Inc. has successful engineering surveys because we establish close cooperation between Planning/Design and Surveys. Our Project Managers are ‘engineers’ who lead the Project Development Team and are responsible for overall project planning and completion ensuring that all survey requests are accurate and specific, and they obtain right of entry, as needed, for surveys outside the existing right of way.

Our Project Surveyors participate as a member of the Project Development Team, coordinate with other functional areas, review and schedule each engineering survey request, determine the appropriate method to accomplish the requested surveys in cooperation with the project manager, and create and maintain a survey project file.

For Owen Haskell Inc. safety is a prime consideration in all survey planning and especially with engineering surveys, which often require work in and around traffic. This is accomplished by carefully selecting the survey method, choosing the time to perform the survey, and employing special survey techniques.

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