Our Staff

We are proud to bring you a bit of information about the many people at Owen Haskell Inc. who have outstanding skills that translate into excellent client service!

It is not just professionalism and expertise that set our staff apart. They also have a strong commitment to the quality of their work, and to the clients they serve. Loyalty and relationships link Owen Haskell’s staff and, in turn, link staff to clients.

Our technical staff includes a rich mix of surveyors and specialists. Drawing on a multi-disciplined staff, Owen Haskell Inc. forms teams that are able to view the client’s needs in ways that allow for the integration of complex multi-disciplinary analyses.


John W. Swan

John C. Schwanda, Partner at OHI – Professional Land Surveyor

Randy R. Loubier, Partner at OHI – Professional Land Surveyor

Ellen C. Brewer, Partner at OHI – Professional Land Surveyor

Samuel D. Glidden, Partner at OHI – Professional Land Surveyor

Jana L. Topel, CAD Operator

Robert E. Shaw, Survey Technician

Bryan D. Kennedy, Survey Technician

Timothy M. Krebs, Survey Technician

Steve J. Reyes-Pineda, Survey Technician

Nicholas J. Morton, Survey Technician

Beth N. Morrison, Office Manager

Coleen N. Gibbons, Administrative Assistant